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samedi 16 avril 2016

hna referal

dimanche 29 novembre 2015

Earn 2$ fastest and easiest way with Earnably, with proof.

Hello everybody,

This is my first post on TBN, hope you enjoy it.
Earnably is the best GPT (Get Paid To) site that give you a lot of way to earn money, and have very very low minpay.


You can sign up here and get free 100 points: http://earnably.com/r/15867

If you don’t need 100 points, you can register here: http://earnably.com

Click Signup, then type your email and password, Paypal email is option, you can add later when you cashout, and you need to verify your email.
Login with your account.

Click Offer => Offer wall and use 2 promode code: NOVEMBER5 and WINWIN to redeem 6 points.

 Minpay is 225 points = 2$, now you have 106 points, so you need 119 points to cash out.

There are many way to earn point:

  1. Offer walls: There is loot of networks in Earnably, try yourself with 19 networks. If you don’t know how to do, just scroll down and read introduction, or left me a message.
  2. Video: Just watch video to earn points => too easy
  3. Radio: Just listening radio to earn points => too easy
  4. Task: Do tasks as description to earn points: Creat a forum thread for 100 points, Make a video testimonial for 250 points…
My method:

  1. Sign-up with reff link, have 100 points
  2. Use procode NOVEMB ER5 and WINWIN => 106 points
  3. Creat a forum thread for 100 points => 206 points (or Post a page on your website/blog to earn 250 points
  4. Do some offer to earn more 20 points => cash out 2$
 Cause Paypal fee is too high, you can wait for 5$ to cash ^.^

lundi 23 novembre 2015

samedi 10 octobre 2015

How do you get Amazon gift card $ 10 free

Oneclass site of the best sites to get free cards for a number of companies, is the most important gift cards for the company Amazon, where I will explain to you in this post how to get from Amazon gift card for $ 10 is free of charge.

The process is simple, where you have to collect some points to be able to get on the card by collecting 800 points, as the site immediately after the registration it gives you 120 points each time you invite a friend you get 50 points, which means that he must you send an invitation and accepted it from 14 person party. As for the recording mode will first Bulog oneclass site through the link below it, then you register using your Facebook Aa of the way pressure on the signup button and select Date through your Facebook.Then you will go to a page will ask you for your personal information

Now, after clicking on the Next button to go to another page of the many slogans for several cards, which will be required you to choose the gift card interested in, select at this stage Amazon card.
After finishing the account click on the icon in the top right you will find that you have gained 120 points, and in order to win more points click on the invite or by clicking here to access the page quickly your invitations. When you arrive to the number of points allowed then to enter a page Gifts Gift card or click here, were then click on reedeem will reach php card after 10 William. Thats all about it

Site: oneclass

samedi 12 septembre 2015

Enjoy 30 minutes free call, free sms messages and unlimited to any country in the world with this program and the Arab app!( EXCLUSIVE)

My friend,, communications companies in recent years seeking to consumption of your money as much as possible of communications only where,, up, especially in some Arab countries, the cost per minute to $ 6 per minute !! And for this we have to search for free alternatives and one of the best alternatives is vazii program !!

vazii is a program of the Arab programming gives you 30 free minutes and unlimited sms messages to any country in the world, as you can get your number.

 All you need is a dear brother to follow me and Taerni your focus and enjoy it as the easy steps and does not require professional :)

 First you download the software from the official website, select your copy of Windows or Android (IOS soon):

After the download is turn it on and install it on your computer like any other program (for ease of installation I have not filmed stages).
After it is installed and run on the press créer un compte:

Select your country and then write your mobile phone number (without the first zero) and press again on créer un compte:
They will then send you an sms containing activating insert it into the first box and the password in the second column and prepared in the last box code then Please click on "ok":
The not yet found php activation Click on "ok" second order to contact you and give you the source code)
And ended registration
Login Select your country and then enter your phone number in the first column and the password in the second and then Please click on se connecter:
Explain the program interface:
1. Names: Names recorded

2. Messages: displays messages you have sent

3. Keyboard: to form the number and choice of contact or send a message

4. Record: record calls and messages

5. More: To modify the profile and modify options and to change the password or messaging support

Now relate to any number in the world all you need is access to the keyboard and select the state and the formation of the number you want to call:
If you connect:

If you want to send a message:
Other advantages of the program:

You can call and send messages free of Fazey to Fazey (such as Skype program)

Sound quality

You can send files

You can get your own number

You can video-conference connection (to the owners of G, 4G, Wi-Fi, ADSL3)

Find Friends

Download links:
Official website vazii
Direct link download the program
To download the application available on google play

If you like Thread it is clear that you are a positive person for this topic Please participated with your friends, but if there's any query or problem Dialogue open at the bottom Thread comments and I'll be very happy to answer you quickly *

How to get the keys steam games for free and forever (EXCLUSIVE) in Supernike.com

I've always loved benefit all people and as we know from the title that through this free offer and I'll show you through this post how to get Steam keys for free and forever through two locations and provides that after the trouble and search and found the signatories and I will explain to you

The first site freesteamgifts
It is a US site, in order to get the steam keys must run any program in the US VPN

After entering the site to go down to the bottom and choose free offers

Then click on the download  will be key

Second site  alienwarearena
Counting entry to create a site account and do an easy way
Secondly we choose offers

Third After selecting the display push GET KEY

Have you got on the Steam keys for free up to hundreds of dollars

Atnso to share with friends and Taaliqkm is important to us and thank you

How to get free phone credit to all States (up to $ 70)

Howdy visitors Super Nike, one of us doesn't have sometimes to make some necessary phone calls? However, it may not be around on my balance. Today I will give you a way to get credit up to $ 70. For free

1_ First, it must be available on the phone (SIM) card, preferably German, which can be obtained from the Internet. They just plain look out over the Internet after it Arise change IP and preferably also to be Germany.

2_after that. Jump to the subsequent stage: Download application that may use it Wasabee (Download Link).

After the download and open the application to activate the slide that we have reached, and then go to (Earn Free Credits)

Then you get a set of applications that take points on the load. For me I have found a show which is 16000 points to download one of the applications after conversion got a balance of $ 70 and then found some applications that provide you with about two thousand points.

After that collect a good number of points go to the converted balanceEnter the state and the company then distributed phone number

After converted all you have to wait some time to be processed your request


Inside the latter, I hope which the application may always be obtained like it Keep in mind that this topic publish this great article with your friends on Facebook
Keep in mind that the application submitted offers, which expire and then carries a certain amount of people you enter the application frequently.